Organic wood pressed Coconut oil - Monthly Pack (4nos.)

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Pure Coconut Oil Wood Pressed Coconut oil is made from raw, pressed coconuts and has amazing benefits both when you add it to your diet or use it for cosmetic purposes. Our oils contain all the original nutrition and flavors. Oil is not heated during the manufacturing process so there is no loss in nutrition. Cloudy appearance and sediments at the bottom of the bottle occur in all-natural, unfiltered, unrefined, wood pressed oils. Inconsistency is healthily natural in cold-pressed oils and does not affect the quality of the oil.

Vitality and well-being: Rich in Antioxidants with potential anti-inflammatory and brain-protective effects, 0% Cholesterol, Rich source of MCTs Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties against a variety of harmful microorganisms, Boosts skin health, and protects hair.

Our Products are Certified as per India and US Organic Standards and we follow all food safety standards and hygiene as per the Food Safety Management System, Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and critical control points practices to ensure that we bring you the purest, safest and Healthiest Cooking Oils.

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